CS 4685/8803PSN Course Outline


Advances in wireless and sensor systems have fueled the growth andevolution of a new class of computing: pervasive computing. Pervasive computingis a conglomeration of several diverse areas of networking (mobile and sensor),and embedded systems. Hence, it poses unique challenges, such as disruptiveconnectivity, variable bandwidth, energy constraints, and easily snoopedcommunications. Moreover, it spans a wide spectrum of applications includingmobile devices, sensors networks, location-aware services, social networking,and wearable computing.


This class will critically examine these topics from both systemsand networking perspective. It will cover a wide spectrum of applications suchas GSM, GPS, Bluetooth, 802.11, RFID, sensor networks, WAN and MANET networks,etc.


Students will have an opportunity for hands-on experience throughclass projects. They can choose to workindividually or in pairs on their projects and present their project at the endof the class.


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