Ph.D. Students

  1. Seunghwan (Kevin) Kim – Terahertz device-to-device communications: channel measurements, modeling, simulation, and antenna design
  2. Robert Callan – Analyzing software using unintentional EM emanations from computer devices
  3. Nader Sehatbakhsh – Leveraging analog signals for software activity monitoring
  4. Alireza Nazari – Architectural analysis of electromagnetic data leakage from modern computer processors
  5. Derrick Chu – Channel modeling of EM side-channel emanations
  6. Sinan Adibelli – Compact antenna design for EM side-channel emanations
  7. Frank Werner – Localization of EM emanation sources in computer systems
  8. Baki Berkay Yilmaz – Capacity bound of EM side-channel signals
  9. Haider Adnan Khan – Machine learning techniques for software profiling and malware detection
  10. Chia-Lin (Woody) Cheng – THz chip-to-chip channel measurements and modeling
  11. Ngoc Luong (Pavel) Nguyen -Software profiling using EM emanations from IoT devices


Undergraduate Students

  1. Eric Pollmann – Localization of EM sources form cell-phones
  2. Azra Ismail – EM emanations from PLC devices

Former Students

  1. Jungju Oh – PhD – graduated, senior researcher in Intel Research Labs
  2. Nina Basta – MS – Multilayer scalable coupler with high directivity – graduated, Current Position: Design Engineer, First RF Boulder CO
  3. Bryan Blankenagel – MS – Estimation of velocity in underwater wireless channels